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Peter A. Tegan

Broker - Owner

Prosser Realty, Inc.

Since Prosser Realty's inception in 1967 it has operated as a full-service, general brokerage firm. Over the years, Prosser's focus has changed with the island's shifting needs and evolving economy. 

Peter Tegan, broker & owner, became enchanted with the Hawaiian Islands as a young man while living in Boston, Massachusetts. He first visited Hawaii in the early 1970's and decided then that Hawaii would be home. Peter and his wife Linda, a successful attorney, specializing in private adoption moved to Kauaʻi in 1992. 

Prior to purchasing Prosser Realty in 2003, Peter had a successful career in the "High tech" industry in San Jose, California with such companies as Seagate Technologies, Memorex and Honeywell. 

The goal of Prosser Realty is to make a positive impression and to become a trusted friend!

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